Village preserves scent of fish sauce

Situated at the foot of the Hai Van Pass, 17km northwest of Da Nang city, Nam O village boasts pristine beaches and a thriving fishing industry. The village has produced fish sauce since the 19th century, and the trade still earns villagers their livelihood.

This is the last steps to produce the famous Nam Ô fish sauce that Pham Thi Hai Nguyet inherited from her forefathers 70 years ago. Her family produces up to 4,000 litres of fish sauce every year.

Nam Ô fish sauce is made in a traditional way with 10kg of fish and 4kg of salt, and has to go through many steps.

Thousands of litres of fish sauce are produced in Nam Ô village every year. The trade village has received trademark certification.

In a modern technological society, villagers in Nam Ô village still cling on the traditional way of making fish sauce without using chemicals. It is the value that create the famous trademark for the trade village.-VNA

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