Art performance to tell inspiring stories
An entertainment programme gathering famous artists in various fields will be broadcast on the first day of the Lunar New Year, which will fall on February 5.

With the theme ‘Spring Celebration – Endless Inspiration for 2019’, the 90-minute show will feature inspiring stories of artists, athletes and celebrities who are successful in various fields such as music, sports, culture and entertainment.

The programme aims to honour people who contribute to the development of culture and the arts.

Stage performances, documentaries and music videos have been produced exclusively for the show. One is the documentary ‘Việt Nam Seen From the Sky’ directed by Lê Thế Thắng. It features beautiful landscapes from around the country.

Highlights include a documentary on soldiers preparing for Tết on the Trường Sa (Spratly) Archipelago and music videos shot in the US and Europe featuring opera singer Ninh Đức Hoàng Long and singer Vinh Khuất.

The art of bài chòi (half game, half theatre performance) will also be broadcast, which was recognised as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The programme will be broadcast on VTV1 at 8pm on February 5. — VNS

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