People abandon bikes at red lights following tragic accident

Some young people have made video clips in which they dismount from their bikes while waiting at the red lights due to safety fears.

Many clips featuring such action have been shared following a recent tragic accident in which dozens of motorbikes were crashed into while waiting at a red light in Long An Province.

Four are killed and 18 others injured when a truck runs into dozens of motorbikes waiting at a red light in Long An Province on January 2.

The 32-year-old truck driver who was tested positive for heroin and alcohol has been arrested and prosecuted and may face a sentence of between seven and 15 years in jail, according to a lawyer.

Such incidents at red lights are not uncommon in Vietnam. On October 24, a 38-year-old woman was killed and five others injured when a female driver crashed her BMW into five motorbikes waiting at the Hang Xanh intersection traffic light on Dien Bien Phu Street in HCM City. Police reports showed that the driver had consumed a lot of alcohol and lost control.

However, some people have criticised the video producers for making fun of the tragic accident.


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