Hanoi’s streets dotted with bombax flowers

As March comes with dry weather and sunshine, Hanoi’s busy streets are dotted with the red colour of 'hoa gao' (bombax flowers), creating attractive scenery for both locals and visitors.

March, the season of bombax flowers, carrying the childhood memories of many people.  

Most villages in northern provinces have planted bombax trees in their entrance or in front of their temples. The flowers bloom only once a year in March.

A bombax flower has five large but thick petals. Notably, the flowers do not grow closely but bloom at the same time.

As leaves shed, the bombax trees are covered with the bright red colour of their big flowers, creating a brilliant beauty.

In the minds of many people who are living away from home, bombax trees also contain memories of their peaceful childhood.

Bombax trees are planted in many streets in the inner city such as Trang Thi, Dinh Tien Hoang, Tran Quang Khai.

The brilliant red colour covers the Vietnam Museum of History.

Bombax flowers have become a source of inspiration for many musicians, poets, painters and photographers.

Bombax flowers are scattered in the countryside of the North, particularly in Phu Tho, Nam Dinh, Ha Nam and some others surrounding Hanoi.

The row of bombax trees on the bank of Yen river to Huong pagoda in Hanoi.

Nhan Dan

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