Dong Ky village spring festival

The spring festival of Dong Ky village in Tu Son district in the northern province of Bac Ninh opens on the fourth day of the first lunar month and always attracts a large crowd of locals and visitors. 

The ancient Dong Ky village was well known for its large firecracker contest. Dong Ky village festival now features firecracker procession rituals, recalling the old tradition and praying for prosperity. Today, the Dong Ky spring festival still preserves many unique folk customs, becoming an attractive destination during the spring days.

The 2019 Dong Ky village festival opened on February 8 (the fourth day of the first lunar month) and was crowded with visitors from the early morning.

The firecracker procession is a unique feature of the Dong Ky spring festival. Two big firecrackers were being carried by local young men from the traditional house to the communal house.

A dragon-lion dance team led the firecracker procession delegation.

The firecrackers were taken into the communal house in the joy and excitement of participants.

The two firecrackers were taken into the communal house for worshipping rituals in front of the local god.

It is a custom of Dong Ky village that those who turn 50 in the year are admitted to “Hoi dong tue” (a group of same-aged people) to perform rituals at the communal house. This year’s “Hoi dong tue” features people born in 1969.

After the formal worshipping rituals, a contest between “Ong dam” (ritual masters) takes place. Each hamlet selects an “Ong dam” following strict criteria (who has a good married life, has both sons and daughters, does successful business, and has no funeral), who will be carried by young people to join a running race at the communal house.

“Ong dam” procession at the communal house.

The victory of “Ong dam” brings pride and hope for the New Year.

Nhan Dan

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