Pa Then fire dancing festival welcomes Spring

Fire dancing festival is a special cultural activity of the Pa Then ethnic group at Hong Quang commune, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province, showing the spirit of daring to cope with danger, and dispelling diseases.

Normally, the festival is usually held at the end of the year in October to December. However, on the occasion of welcoming the Lunar New Year 2019, the 8th anniversary of the establishment of Lam Binh district and congratulating Na Hang Nature Reserve on being recognised as a special national monument, Lam Binh District People's Committee organised this special festival.

According to the Pa Then people's concept, fire is considered as a supreme god, who is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. 

Ho Van Thanh - a village’s shaman announces the official reasons to host the festival and invites gods to attend the ritual with locals

A Pa Then man jumps into the blazing fire and rolls over the fire

Without any hesitation, participants bend their bodies and jump on burning charcoals. Sometimes they dig up live coals with their hands

They dance on live coals with their bare feet. Sometimes they put a live coal in their mouth.

The man dance in pairs or take turns dancing.

Those who are selected to participate in the fire dancing must have excellence and good morals.

The mystery of the dance is that despite dancing on blazing-hot coal, the dancers never suffer from any burns.

Pa Then people believe that they are protected by their God during the ritual.

Nhan Dan

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