Phuoc Tich ancient village
VietNamNet Bridge - More than 500 years of existence, through wars and the destruction of nature, Phuoc Tich village in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue still preserves the pristine beauty of a traditional Vietnamese village.

Phuoc Tich, about 30 kilometers from center of Hue, is famous for pottery. Now, tourists come to Phuoc Tich in order to contemplate Ruong houses of 500 years old. 

Built in 1470 under the reign of King Le Thanh Tong, the village was recognized as a national relic in 2009. This is the second village of Vietnam with the recognition.

The first stop in the village may be Cay Thi Temple, which is about 700 years old. The temple retains harmonizing aspects of Vietnamese and Cham architecture, with linga and yoni relics.

Of the village’s 117 houses, 37 are between 100 and 200 years old. They are so well preserved as to astonish cultural anthropologists, architects and historians. 

Phuoc Tich houses are mainly made of jackfruit wood and are adorned with exquisite and lively carvings, most of which remain undamaged despite having gone through so many wars throughout the years.

The interiors usually include parallel sentences, a horizontal lacquered board, wooden scrolls, a plank bed and a wardrobe altar.

The mossy, tile roofs of the houses sag slightly.  Brick walkways, wind screens and old water wells complete the picture. Lines of Chinese tea trees are often charming substitutes for walls.

The green garden surrounding the ancient “Ruong” houses create the unique Phuoc Tich. The number of “Ruong” houses preserved in the village is approximately 30 houses. It is known as the village of rich people or mandarins in Hue ancient capital.

The village is also associated with Hue’s royal music (Nha Nhac), which has been recognized as part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Nét đẹp rất Huế ở làng cổ Phước Tích

Phuoc Tich is the second ancient village in Vietnam ranked as a national relic of Vietnam, after Duong Lam.

Nét đẹp rất Huế ở làng cổ Phước Tích

An ancient house in Phuoc Tich, which is now a family temple.

Nét đẹp rất Huế ở làng cổ Phước Tích

Cay Thi Temple


Nét đẹp rất Huế ở làng cổ Phước Tích

A pottery kiln.

Nét đẹp rất Huế ở làng cổ Phước Tích

A private museum of ancient pottery items in Phuoc Tich

Nét đẹp rất Huế ở làng cổ Phước Tích

A garden house in Phuoc Tich

Nét đẹp rất Huế ở làng cổ Phước Tích











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