Van Long Lagoon – an ideal destination for the weekend

VietNamNet Bridge - About 80km to the south of Ha Noi, Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh Province is an attractive tourist site, especially at weekends. 

To Van Long, visitors will have the opportunity to admire charming natural landscapes and discover the typical wetland ecosystem in the Red River Delta.

With an area of 3,500ha, Van Long is the largest wetland natural reserve in Red River Delta and is considered as “Waveless bay” with tranquil water surface like a giant mirror reflecting spectacular natural sceneries. 

Here, the boats will take visitors around the lagoon to contemplate limestone mountains named according their shapes as Meo Cao (Cat), Mam Xoi (Glutinous Rice Tray), Hom Sach (Book Trunk), Da Ban (Rook Table), Nghien (Slab), Co Tien (Fairy)… 

There are 32 beautiful and specific caves inside these limestone mountains, such as Bong, Rua, Chanh, Doi…, of which Ca Cave in Hoang Quyen Mountain Range is the most impressive. The cave is 250m long, 8m high, 10m wide with half floating structure and has many stalactites of various forms.

Going deeper into the lagoon, the riotousness of modern life is gradually replaced by the sounds of oar, fishes, amphibians, grass in the wind. Under clear water, mosses and algae move with the wind and waves.

Van Long is home to 39 species of mammals, 72 species of birds, 32 species of reptiles and amphibians, 44 species of fishes, 39 aquatic species and 79 species of insects, many of which are listed in the Viet Nam Red Book such as cobra, chamois, iguana… 

Viet Nam Record Book Centre said it is a place that has the largest number of delacour’s langur (trachypithecus delacouri) with 100 individuals in danger of extinction. In the dry season (from November to April), Van Long is the wintering place of numerous birds from the North for Bonelli eagle, gray heron, white stork… It is also home to 457 species of plants and 35 species of aquatic plants, 8 species of which are listed in Viet Nam Red Book, including chukrasia tabularis, drynaria fortunei, melientha suavis, strychnos nux-vomica, dalbergia cochinchinensis…

Along with its beautiful natural scenery, Van Long Wetland Natural Reverse has special cultural relics such as Hong Nuong Temple, Mau Temple, Thung La Temple, Thanh Son Pagoda, Dich Long Pagoda...

Put into operation for tourism since 1998, Van Long Wetland Natural Reverse is a ecotourism site attracting domestic and international visitors.




đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình

đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình

đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình

đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình

đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình

đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình

đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình

đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình

đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình

đầm Vân Long, Ninh Bình





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