Climbing up 72-story building in 10 minutes

VietNamNet Bridge - In 10 minutes, 6 seconds, Omar Bekkali (Belgian) climbed from the lobby up to the 72nd floor of the tallest building in Vietnam, the Kaengnam Landmark Tower, in Hanoi on September 30.

World’s top stair climber to compete in Vietnam

This unique contest attracted about 300 runners of all ages, including around 100 foreigners and 200 Vietnamese. There were eight Vietnamese and two professional runners. The remaining runners were amateurs, at the age of 19 to 50.

Runners had to conquer the 350m high tower, 72 stories with 1,914 steps. This competition is one of the stair climbing competitions around the world in 2012 (Vertical World Circuit - VWC). VWC 2012 consists of nine races at high-rise building around the world, from New York to London, from Milan to Basel and Berlin to Taipei, Hanoi and Singapore. Sao Paolo (Brazil) is the venue for the final lap to pick out the male and female world champions.

Revenues from the race will be donated to disabled sports clubs in Quang Tri provinces.

During the run, the 37th floor of the building was the place for taking
 a break and water. This area also had a team of medical workers
in case of athletes being too tired.

Omar Bekkali currently ranks No. 3 in the rankings of the system of
vertical races at building in the world and the second male runner
in the vertical race at the Empire State Building in New York (USA).
He was the winner of the race in Vietnam on September 29, with
10 minutes 6 seconds.
Fans stood in a number of stories to cheer athletes.

An amateur athlete arrived at the 72nd floor. Of the 300
participants, many people gave up.

Walsham (Australian) gasped at the finish line, with a record
 of 11 minutes and 21 seconds.

Another foreign athlete elbowed down when she reached the finish line.

A Vietnamese woman in the last stride.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Ha said, although he played sports regularly but it
took him 21 minutes to reach the destination.

The three top positions of women belonging to Walsham (Australia) with
 11 minutes 21 seconds, Cristina (left), 13 minutes and 26 seconds and
 Loan Thi Dung (Vietnam) 14 minutes and 19 seconds.