Spanish coach Bruno Garcia leaves Vietnam futsal team

VietNamNet Bridge - Coach Bruno Garcia has unexpectedly said goodbye to the Vietnam futsal team after the historic achievement of Vietnam futsal at the World Cup 2016.

HLV Bruno Garcia chia tay futsal Việt Nam sau thành công tại World Cup 2016

Coach Bruno Garcia

In a letter sent to the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), the Spanish coach said that making that decision was very hard to him, because he had experienced a great time in Vietnam since early 2014.

“From bottom of my heart, I thank the VFF—especially to head of the Vietnam futsal team Tran Anh Tu—who understand and respect my decision as well as support my work. Thank you for letting me be a part of your dream of playing in the World Cup,” said Garcia. 

Via the VFF, Garica also expressed his heartfell thanks to players and fans. 

The Spanish coach did not specify the reasons for his unexpected decision. He briefly said that he needed time to think about his future. He is expected to receive attractive offers from many futsal teams in the world after the outstanding performance of the Vietnam futsal team at the World Cup 2016.

The contract signed between Bruno Garcia and the Vietnam futsal team is valid until May 2017.

However, in his letter, the coach said that he would return to Vietnam one day. 

During his two years in Vietnam, coach Bruno Garcia created at least four milestones.

He was the first coach to help a Vietnamese futsal team win a medal at a continental tournament: Thai Son Nam futsal team win the bronze medal at the championship of Asian futsal clubs 2014.

He was the first coach to help Vietnam enter the final round of the World Cup Futsal.

He was the first coach to help Vietnam futsal win in the World Cup (Vietnam defeated Guatemala 4-2 on September 12).

He was the first coach to help a Vietnam enter the knockout round of the world championship.

He previously led many futsal clubs in his country. He then coached the Hangzhou Zhejiang Dragons team, which ranked second at the Chinese futsal championships. 

Before going to Vietnam, he was the coach of the Peruvian national futsal squad. 

During his coaching career, Garcia won the Ramon Cobo Award for the most excellent futsal coach in the Spanish Football Federation during the 2011-2012 season. 

Coach Bruno Garcia will leave Vietnam in early October. He will be temporarily replaced by Nguyen Bao Quan, the coach and captain of the Vietnam futsal team.

The team will compete at the Southeast Asian Futsal Championships in early October.

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