Vietnamese intellectuals

August 19, 2010 marked an unforgettable day in the history of Vietnamese science: International Mathematical Union awarded the Fields Medal – known as “the Nobel prize in mathematics” – to Professor Ngo Bao Chau. Professor Chau said the Fields Medal was important because it boosted people’s confidence in the ability of Vietnamese.

Vietnam’s development definitely depends much on Vietnamese intellectuals. Tuoi tre Tan Mao magazine published Professor Ngo Bao Chau’s reflection on this subject, as well as the views of other researchers/scholars and young people.

Luong Phuong Thao: Different seeds

In my point of view, every country has excellent and gifted individuals. However, they are not the only contributors to the country’s development. Normal citizens have their contributions as well. We should remember that personal development, our own good lifestyle and happiness also make contributions to our country.

I used to ask myself: “What is the definition of a genius?” Is it possible that each of us is a genius only our talents have not been thoroughly explored yet? There are many ways to define a talent. We should encourage diversity and accept new and strange things, so that our horizons will be expanded.

A girl who likes drawing in class or a boy who likes creating new games is also as precious and excellent as a student who wins gold medals in International Mathematical Olympiad. In my opinion, this is the best way to foster new “seeds” of knowledge.

As for me, after winning, in my third year, the highest reward of the television program “Way to Olympia peaks” - a scholarship to Monash University (Melbourne City, Australia), I decided to major in international trade and marketing.

going abroad is a big opportunity but studying in Vietnam is also an opportunity. The most important thing is how we use these opportunities. I am now working for an advertising company. Focusing on the job is the source of my happiness.

Huynh Cong Thinh: I want to be the one who spreads enthusiasm

Huynh Cong Thinh, born in 1987, is the youngest person who received the MVP award (Most Valuable Professional) twice. This big award of Microsoft is to recognize and honor excellent individuals who made contributions to the information technology.

Graduating from Telecommunication University (HCM City), Huynh Cong Thinh decided to stay at the university to become a lecturer and continue studying IT application.

Looking back to 2010, he immediately mentioned Professor Ngo Bao Chau’s being awareded the Fields Medal. “That is a meaningful event and it not motivates everyone who study and work in science to follow”, said Thinh.

being a student who participated in the program” Way to the Olympia peak” in his fifth year and received many rewards, he is always aware of young people’s responsibilities toward their country. His motto is “Change yourself, don’t wait”.

Cong Thing said:” I made friends with my computer and chose it to be my companion on the way to conquer the world of IT . Many people doubted me saying: “Why don’t you choose other job and make more money instead of being a lecturer?” To these questions, I answered that my happiness comes from learning new things and sharing the new knowledge with e all my students. As for me, it is a way for the gifted to remain enthusiastic and transmit this spirit to the next generations.

Nguyen Hoai Dam: I want to think outside the box

Dam has become a member of Vietnam Communist Party when he was still a student at Le Huu Trac 1 High School (Ha Tinh Province). He was born in 1990 and in 2008received Hoa Trang Nguyen prize, which is awarded to excellent national and international students, and the ones who come first in entrance exams to universities and in high school graduation exam.

Dam used to be a member of and then became a contributor to popular television shows, such as “Way to Olympia Peak”, “Ring golden bell”… Recently, Dam has received a governmental scholarship to study journalism at the Irkutsk National University (one of the top ten colleges) in Irkutsk City, East Siberia Capital. He talked with us about Vietnamese intellectuals.

In your opinion, is it necessary to go abroad to gain knowledge?

Nguyen Hoai Dam: My aim instudying abroad is to learn to think outside the box, to explore and acquire new things. If not, this would not make a difference.

After graduating from university, will you come back to Viet Nam or go to another country to continue your studies?

Dam: I think that it doesn’t matter where you go as long as you contribute meaningfully to other people’s lives and your own country. It’s our effort that is the breath of youngsters to the country’s developments.

Having the chance to meet the young talents in “Hoa Trang Nguyen” program (a program to honor the ones who come first in the entrance exam to universities and who win golden prize in international examinations…) every year, how do you feel about the ability of the Vietnamese?

Dam: I see that many young Vietnamese people are becoming more and more mature and excellent, not only in their studies but also in extra-curricular activities. Everyone is making great efforts everywhere around the world. All those efforts make me proud and encourage me to try harder.

Source: Tuoi Tre Magazine