APEC 2017: Enthusiastic organization, attractive topics

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam shows great ability to host one of the biggest events on the planet, not only in terms of infrastructure but also in the quality of programs and delegates. Quick interviews with the organizers and APEC delegates made by VietNamNet reporters.

Mr. BUI THANH SON – Deputy Foreign Minister 

According to comments made by APEC delegates, we have successfully organized the APEC Summit 2017 and the greatest thing is that we have harmonized and found the similarities in the common interests of all member economies.

As you know, organizing APEC Summit this year is a lot harder than it was in the previous years. Therefore, when we recommended the topics and priorities, we got very high consent from other member economies. Through the year, we have received their consensus and support for this common future. So all of us have reached the pinnacle - the APEC Summit2017 and the issuance of the Da Nang Declaration, and we have also come up with documents and initiatives made by Vietnam.

In particular, the most prominent document is the one on development of human resources in the digital age, then the inclusive development of economics - finance - society, the development of small and medium enterprises in the digital era, ... All these initiatives have created a new direction in APEC cooperation in the coming time.

Mr. PHAM HONG HAI - General Director of HSBC Vietnam

We have a lot of good topics like creating jobs, the impact of technology, and the connection among membereconomies. I think these are very practical issuesnowadays, not only for enterprises and for individuals, but for the government as well. 

Mr. ROBERTEMORITZ –Global President of PWC

I think businesses want APEC leaders to create favorable conditions for them in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution. According to our survey with CEOs, they are very concerned about the impact of technology that is changing the current work, not just the workforce but also the processes.

Mr. TERY CLIFFORD C.M– President of Order Corporation (Canada)

I am impressed with the discussion on globalization. Globalization is dying or it will continue to develop? The United States has withdrawn from globalization, we need the world to work together. I hope that all CEOs here will continue to lead and promote globalization.

Mr. ALLAN D.SMITH- Vice President of RGA Insurance

I do not think that the 4th Industrial Revolution poses challenges, but it offers more opportunities because things happen faster. Automation helps our company avoid mistakes and in fact it creates more jobs because it still needs people to make decisions.

Vietnam shows great organizing ability at APEC 2017

Ms. OSAKA, correspondent of NHK

I think the host of APEC Summit 2017 has provided very good facilities. The press center is very large with modern equipment to assist us at work, the internet is very fast, the food is very good and the peopleare very friendly and willing to help the media. 

Mr. BUI THANH SON - DeputyForeign Minister 

Along with the success of contents, we have succeeded in other aspects such as reception, materials, security, logistics, etc. All of these have created anoverall effect: all delegates and leaders coming to the APEC Summit are satisfied and happy.

APEC Economic Leaders’ Week 2017

(Da Nang City, 06-11/11/2017)

Topic: Creating New Dynamism, Fostering A Shared Future

Number of leaders of APEC member economies confirming participation in the APEC Economic Leaders’Meeting in Vietnam: 21

Number of delegates: 10,000

Number of local and international reporters: 3,000

Number of Vietnamese and international enterprises: 2,000


The Main Press Room of the International Media Center: 1,000 seats

1,600 vehicles in service of delegates

792 security cameras

759 volunteers and liaison assistants

500 medical staffs

49 hotels


APEC 2017: Enthusiastic organization, attractive topics