Hanoi: Man bit to death while stopping dogs fighting

A man in Hanoi was mauled and bitten to death while trying to stop two fighting dogs at his home.

Doctor Duong Ngoc Thang at the Vietnam-Germany Hospital in Hanoi said that a 49-year-old man had been rushed to hospital on August 19 with serious injuries to his neck.

"Despite intensive rescue efforts from doctors, he died shortly after due to serious injuries to the carotid artery and blood loss," Thang said.

According to a report from the hospital, the man who was walking with a crutch after losing a leg in a traffic accident, tried to stop his two Berger dogs from fighting. He used the crutch to beat them and the two dogs suddenly turned to attack him.

The man received first aid at a hospital near his house before being sent to Vietnam Germany Hospital.

In July, an eight-month-old baby girl in Doi Can Street also died after being attacked by a Tibetan Mastiff raised at home.

Raising expensive imported dogs, including the Tibetan Mastiff and Bergers has recently become a trend in Vietnam, especially among wealthy families.


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