Hanoi launches first CNG-fueled bus routes

Hanoi will pilot three bus routes using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) from August 1, according to the city’s Department of Transport.

The three routes, which use buses with a capacity of carrying 50 passengers, are invested in and run by Bao Yen Tourism and Construction Services Co., Ltd.

Route No.1 connects My Dinh - Pham Hung - Me Tri - Chau Van Liem - Thang Long highway - Phuong Cach - provincial road 421B - provincial road 420 - provincial road 419 - highway 32 - Thong pagoda (Son Tay) - and Son Tay bus station and vice versa. The operating time will be from 5:00am to 8:30pm, taking 15 - 20 minutes per turn, covering a distance of 42.3 km.

Route No.2 runs through Yen Nghia - Quang Trung (Ha Dong) - Le Trong Tan (Ha Dong) - Phuc La, Van Phu - Bridge - Thanh Liet - Cau Dau - Nghiem Xuan Yem - Nguyen Huu Tho - Gia Phong - Giap Bat - Giai Phong - Kim Dong - Tan Mai - Tam Trinh - Minh Khai - Vinh Tuy bridge - Dam Quang Trung - Chu Huy Man - Tran Danh Tuyen - Sai Dong - Nguyen Duc Thuan – and Dang Xa urban area and vice versa. Operating time is from 5:00am – 21:00pm, 15 - 20 minutes per turn, the distance is 35.65 km.

Route No.3 has the route as follows: the Central Tropical Hospital 2 - Bac Thang Long industrial park - Hoang Sa - Phuong Trach - Nhat Tan Bridge - Vo Chi Cong - Buoi - Doi Can - Lieu Giai - Kim Ma - Nguyen Thai Hoc - Le Duan - Tran Hung Dao - Ba Trieu - Tran Khat Chan - Vo Thi Sau - Thanh Nhan - Kim Nguu - Mai Dong bridge - Minh Khai - Times City and vice versa. The operating time will be from 5:00am – 21:00pm, taking 15 - 20 minutes per turn, with the ticket price at VND8,000 (US$0.34) per turn, the distance is 29.55 km.

Buses run every 15-20 minutes with fares from VND7,000 to VND9,000.

According to the Hanoi Public Transport Management and Operation Centre, CNG has many advantages. It does not adversely affect human health or the environment and compared with other fuels CNG is cheaper so it can help reduce production costs.

Nhan Dan/VNA

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