Driver shocked to find small child in the middle of the road

A driver was startled when a small child suddenly ran out onto the highway in Nghe An Province. 


The child had been left unattended while his parents were napping at noon on May 15.

The incident was recorded by the dash cam when the car was on National Highway 7A. According to the driver, Nguyen Trong Hai, it was 1:50 pm and the road was quite empty so many drivers were driving at high speeds. When going through Bong Khe Commune, Con Uong District, he saw a small child crawling on the road and fortunately was able to stop the car in time.

He got out of the car to take the child back to his parents who were still napping. Hai said he left quickly as he was afraid that his parents might have mistaken him for a kidnapper.

"Luckily, I had a strong cup of tea so I was quite awake," Hai wrote in a Facebook post. "I took the child to his house, called his parents a dozen times but no-one answered. I managed to get into house and woke his father up. His father looked very confused when I transferred the child to him."

Many people scolded the child's parents for negligence, especially since their house is located so near the highway.

On March 13th, an 8-month-old child also gave drivers a shock by crawling across the National Highway 18 in Mong Duong Ward, Cam Pha City in Quang Ninh Province. It appeared that the parents left the house unsecured and the child crawled out to find his parents.


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