Chinese counterfeit smart phones dirt cheap, but unsalable

VietNamNet Bridge – The made-in-China counterfeit smart phones, counterfeiting well-known brands of Apple, Nokia and Samsung have been available everywhere at unbelievably low prices.

Counterfeit smart phones sourced from China have been flooding the Vietnamese market. The offers to sell counterfeit products can be found on e-commerce websites, and the ad pieces about the products have been posted on printed newspapers.

The real iPhone 5 has just been available in Vietnam for just several days. But the time is enough for Chinese to create counterfeit iPhone 5s and put on sale on the Vietnamese market. In fact, the ad pieces about surprisingly cheap iPhone 5 appeared on Internet some months ago already.

A real iPhone 5 is selling at over 20 million dong in Vietnam. Meanwhile, one just needs to spend 600,000 dong to obtain a counterfeit iPhone 5, made in China. The counterfeit products can also satisfy users with the over-4-inch screen and the same battery charge portal like iPhone 4S.

Meanwhile, counterfeit HDC Galaxy S3 has the sale price just equal to 1/3 of real product. Especially, the counterfeit version has been advertised as having good configuration and the design exactly similar to that of the Samsung’s blockbuster product

The counterfeit product is also from China. It is called the “twin brother” of Samsung Galaxy S3 with 4-8 inch screen, HD 1280x720pixel, two SIM slots, 2500mAh battery, and Android 4.0 operating system.

The counterfeit A9 – 3G looks like a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, but in fact, it is sourced from China. The suppliers of the products do not hide the information that the products 100 percent imitate the design of Samsung Galaxy Note.

While a genuine Galaxy Note has been selling at 16 million dong, A9 is dirt cheap, at just 4.4 million dong.

Counterfeit iPhone 4S have also been available on the market. The version is named iPhone 4GS j9, priced at 900,000 dong only. However, the counterfeit product has nothing comparable with genuine iPhone 4S, except the appearance similar with iPhone 4S.

Nokia smart phones--especially Nokia N9, are always the products that Chinese manufacturers want to imitate. One would find it difficult to tell the difference between a genuine and a counterfeit product, because the counterfeit version also has good design. However, a counterfeit product can be bought at just 1.5 million dong, and it would break down just after a short period of use. Meanwhile, N9 has been selling at over 10 million dong on the Vietnamese market.

The N9 products sourced from China uses iPhone UI interface instead of Meego of Nokia’s N9. It has the screen size of 3.8 inch, WQVGA standard resolution, or 240x400 megapixels, while it does not allow users to install new apps and other high grade functions. Especially, while genuine N9 is designed for one simcard only, the counterfeit version provides two simcard slots.

Online hi-tech markets in Vietnam have given warnings against the counterfeit products from China, from tablets, laptops, music players.

Chodientu, for example, has posted the warning “San pham nay la hang Trung Quoc, ban nen can nhac truoc khi mua” (the product is made in China, you should consider thoroughly before buying it).

The administration board of the market has also warned that if the sellers do not strictly follow the regulations on information exposition and updating, Chodientu would close the sellers’ accounts without informing the sellers in advance.

In May 2011, Chodientu decided to shut down Thanhtu Mobile kiosk at the market, because the seller committed to sell genuine products at the price discount of 60 percent, but in fact, these were fake products sourced from China.

Compiled by Thu Uyen