Internet in Vietnam to resume in at least 10 days

VietNamNet Bridge - Although they have not yet released an official announcement, Internet service providers said that it would take at least 10 days from now to finish the repair of the AAG submarine cable route.

The optical cable was cut at 5pm on August 2. The incident has seriously affected the quality of Internet services in Vietnam. Currently, connection to overseas websites such as Facebook and Google is very difficult.

It is likely that the cable was cut during the recent typhoon in the East Sea. 

Vietnamese Internet service providers are still awaiting information from the AAG cable operator on the cause of the incident and the deadline for the repair.

The location where the cable was cut is about 90 km from the South Lantau landing station in Hong Kong. The entire information from the CBVTU station to Hong Kong is lost, causing more serious impact than previous incidents.

Sources from the local Internet service providers said that it will take at least 10 days more to fix the cable.

The last time the AAG was broken was in June 2016. The incident disrupted Internet traffic from Vietnam to the rest of the world for about 7 days.

Na Son

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