Bac Lieu man wins lawsuit for lottery jackpot, gives half to loser
VietNamNet Bridge – The winner in the lawsuit for two lottery tickets worth VND3 billion ($150,000) in Bac Lieu province generously shared half of the prize to the loser, his friend. 

The generous man - Nguyen Hoang Tuan.

On August 25 the People’s Court of Bac Lieu Province declared that Nguyen Hoang Tuan, 27, is the owner of the two lottery tickets worth VND3 billion. However, the court accepted Tuan’s request to share VND1.5 billion of the jackpot to the loser in the case – Lam Van Vui, 30.

On October 6 2015, Tuan drank with some friends, including Vui, at a restaurant. During that time, Tuan bought five lottery tickets with face value of VND10,000 each from a lottery vendors and gave them to Vui to keep for him.

The next day, Vui saw Tuan and gave him VND200 million ($10,000) as “rewards” because two of the five lottery tickets won the special prize worth VND1.5 billion each.

Tuan received VND200 million but he thought that he was the owner of the five lottery tickets so he reported the case to the police and brought the case to the court.

Vui argued that Tuan bought the lottery tickets by Vui’s money. Vui said he had gave Tuan VND500,000 ($24) to buy food. Tuan then used the remaining money to buy the lottery tickets.

According to Bac Lieu police’s investigation, all the people participating in the party with Tuan and Vui declared that Tuan purchased the lottery tickets and gave them to Vui, as Tuan thought that Vui was a lucky man.

In June, the People’s Court of Gia Rai town announced that Vui was the winner in the case. Tuan lodged an appeal.

At the court of appeals on August 25, Tuan was declared the winner. Tuan decided to share half of the money to Vui. 

Thus, Vui will have to pay Tuan VND1.15 billion after tax deduction and deduction of VND200 million that Tuan had received previously.

Long Ha

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