Vietnamese man dies after penis squeezed for 10 minutes by wife

VietNamNet Bridge - After his penis had been squeezed nearly 10 minutes by his wife, a man named Le Kim Khai, 53 in the southern province of Tien Giang turned purple. He died at the hospital.

On July 11 the police agency of Tien Giang province said they had arrested Ms. Phan Thi Kim Chuong, 55, a resident of Binh Ninh Commune, Cho Gao District for investigation after the deatah of his husband - Khai.

According to investigators, Khai and Chuong had been separated for a long time. At around 21h30 on July 10, Khai knocked at the door of her wife’s house but Chuong did not answer. Khai angrily broke the lock to enter the house.

Then, the couple had a fight. Khai beat Chuong and also their daughter when the girl tried to dissuade them.

Khai suddenly fell down. Chuong weighed down on him, snatched his penis and squeezed.

Nearly 10 minutes later, when neighbors came, Chuong released her hand. At that moment, Khai turned pale and was motionless. Some people brought him to the hospital but Khai died on the way.

Forensic examination showed that the victim died due to fluids and food flowing into trachea leading to suffocation.

At the police office, Chuong declared that despite their separation, Khai usually returned home to beat her.

Chuong said she squeezed Khai’s penis for self-defence only.

According to locals, Khai is the captain of Binh Ninh's civil defense team.

Linh Nhat

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