Magician faces fine for driving car while blindfolded

VietNamNet Bridge – Many passers-by in Hanoi saw a young man drive a Volkswagen Convertible with his head covered with a black bag. The driver is a street magician who was performing.

The Volkswagen car ran around Hoang Quoc Viet and Nguyen Van Huyen streets in Cau Giay district for about 2 km at 10.30 am on March 3. Many people were surprised to see the car and some filmed it with their cellphones.

The magician was Tran Dinh Quy, the owner of a car park in Nghia Do Ward, Tu Liem District.

Quy said other people could not see anything through the black bag but he could.

Quy, 32, said he had prepared for it a long time. Before the performance, he asked two people to cover their head with the black bag and neither saw anything.

A traffic police official said that Quy’s performance was dangerous but the police cannot punish him because the current law only prohibits those who fail to satisfy certain health conditions from driving a car.

The public did not agree with Quy’s act, saying that it was dangerous for the community and he should have performed the act on a street that is not busy. He was fined by police.

Quy is a street magician who is among the top 100 performers of the Vietnam Got Talent 2014 competition.


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