The portraits of National Assembly deputies

VietNamNet Bridge - Most of the 491 deputies elected three years ago to the National Assembly hold two official positions. They are both the people’s representatives in the legislature and also members of executive departments, institutes, mass organizations or Communist Party units.  How can they fulfill both responsibilities?

VietNamNet is posting interviews with deputies to the 12th National Assembly in a special ‘Know Your Deputies’ series.  It’s on line in Vietnamese at: “Discover Vietnamese Congressmen” at  VietNamNet Bridge, VietNamNet’s English language edition, is republishing most of these interviews in English translation. These can be found in our ‘In Focus’ section.

The trouble with trying to wear ‘two hats’ 

To not make nuclear power “terrible” 

“Though I criticize sharply, no one’s yet said it’s ‘too much’”


Nguyen Dinh Xuan - a legislator & environmental activist 

Deputy Duong Trung Quoc: “Endeavour to be independent voice”


Deputy Tran Thi Quoc Khanh: Constituents want more than a candid answer from the PM


Deputy Pham Quoc Anh: Top lawyer, also a legislator, plays key role in drafting bills


Deputy Trieu Thi Nai: Return congress woman battling for ethnic minorities 


Deputy Tran Du Lich: ‘The people need to hear some new voices’


Deputy Le Thi Thu Ba: “Our constituents expect us to work for them”


Deputy Nguyen Van Pha: Concurrent jobs impede deputies from carrying out responsibility to constituents


Deputy Nguyen Minh Hong: “A deputy is no different from a farmer”


Deputy Dinh Xuan Thao: No one has the right to influence NA deputies


Deputy Bui Tuyet Minh: The detective who became a deputy


Deputy Do Manh Hung: “I’m learning all the time”


Deputy Le Minh Hong: Deputy urges tighter oversight of use of state assets


Deputy Le Van Cuong unfazed by blasts from Ha Giang


Deputy Nguyen Van Luat: “I never thought I would be a deputy”


Deputy Trinh Huy Quach: National Assembly developing systematic oversight of national budget


Deputy Le Quang Binh: ‘The people’s meat is the officials’ poison’


Nguyen Tan Trinh: A deputy with abundant experience as a minister


Deputy Nguyen Thi Nguyet Huong: Businessmen not exploit NA deputy status to seek profit


Deputy Tran Dinh Nha: A legislator – a legal expert


Deputy Nguyen Dang Kinh: “I’m ashamed when I see those empty chairs”


Deputy Huynh Thi Hoai Thu: A young legislator ‘learns the ropes’


Deputy Nguyen Van Thua: “A deputy can’t hide from the people’s eyes”