Iconic turtle to return to Hoan Kiem Lake this weekend
VietNamNet Bridge – In the next two days, the legendary turtle will return to its natural environment. Thousand fishes have been released into the lake as food for the turtle.

Hoan Kiem turtle has to wait for a clean lake

Hoan Kiem turtle is a new species

Ancient turtle wants to return to Hoan Kiem Lake

Dr. Bui Quang Te, chief of the turtle treatment group, said tapped water in the tank for turtle was replaced by water from the Hoan Kiem Lake on June 8.

“Since the water was replaced, we have not seen any negative response from the turtle. We, thus, will bring the turtle back to the lake tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (Friday or Saturday),” Dr. Te said.

Before changing the water, scientists had performed tests for four times, with the last on May 30, to confirm that the turtle has completely recovered.

“Water in the lake has become green as its old name – Luc Thuy lake (Green Water Lake). All factors like temperature, aquatic organisms, micro-nutrients, etc. are good for the return of the turtle. We will add more alkali when we release the turtle back to the lake,” Dr. Te added.

The Hanoi Seafood Bureau on June 8 released around 60,000 fishes, mainly mud carps, chubs and tilapias into the lake as food for the turtle.

Hanoi authorities have assigned the local Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to draft the regulations on protection of the Hoan Kiem turtle and its living environment.

The legendary turtle was fished out from the lake in early April for treating ulcerates. The turtle’s health is the great concern of the public because it is the icon of the Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi as well as the aspiration for peace of Vietnam.

The turtle was defined as a she, weighing 170kg, 208cm long, 103cm wide.