Earth Day CompostableCampaign launched to reduce plastic waste in Hanoi, HCM City

VietNamNet Bridge - AnPhat Holdings Group has launched the Earth Day Compostable Campaign to minimizethe use of plastic bags and replace plastic bags with compostable bags madefrom corn starch in Vietnam’s two largest cities of Hanoi and HCM City.

The six-day campaign is divided into two phases: Phase Ifrom March 28-30 on the occasion of the Earth Hour 2019 and Phase II from April20-22 on the occasion of Earth Day 2019.

Earth Day Compostable Campaign

During the campaign, many systems of large and smallsupermarkets, restaurant chains and residential areas in Hanoi and Ho Chi MinhCity will join An Phat Holdings to take action to minimize the use of plasticbags during those days and replace with cornstarch bags when needed. It is hopedthat dozens of tons of plastic bags will be minimized or replaced withcompostable bags made of corn starch, equivalent to reducing a huge amount ofplastic waste into the environment.

In the first phase of the campaign, which took place onMarch 28-30, the campaign attracted the participation of many large supermarketchains like the Big C supermarket system in Hanoi, the nationwide Aeonsupermarket system, Intimex supermarket chain, Ls place supermarket chain, UnikMart supermarket, Seika, Teekiu, V + Hoa Binh, Nam An supermarkets ... Forrestaurants and café chains, the campaign was joined by Saint Honore stores anda number of other restaurant chains nationwide. For urban areas, the EcoSundayfair in Ecopark enthusiastically responded because of sharing a commonorientation: green development and environmental protection.

Earth Day Compostable Campaign

The Earth Day Compostable Campaign focuses on the two mainactivities. Firstly, it guides consumers to reduce the use of plastic bags whennot needed, arrange the maximum amount of bags in order to optimize bag usage.Secondly, participants in the campaign use compostable bags AnEco made fromcorn starch to replace plastic bags when absolutely necessary. As its namesuggests, AnEco compostable products are easily decomposed into CO2, water andorganic humus within 6 months to 1 year under natural or industrial compostingconditions without producing micro-plastics that affect human health and livingenvironment.

The type of bag used in the Earth Day Compostable Campaignis AnEco bag - the first compostable product produced by Vietnam since late2015.

With the total amount of plastic bags currently consumed upto tons per day of supermarkets, restaurants, and urban areas mentioned above,the reduction and replacement of compostable bags will help our livingenvironment significantly protected. Moreover, the participation of big enterprisesin this campaign will be the first step and motivation for their practical,regular, and long-term actions to replicate the meaning of campaign. It is alsothe inspiration to motivate other businesses, organizations and communities toquickly join hands and make strong changes to build a green economy and a cleanenvironment in Vietnam.

In addition to joining hands with such large systems, AnPhat Holdings' Earth Day Compostable Campaign also cooperates with many otherorganizations / individuals in environment protection activities. The names canbe mentioned as the "Challenge for change" program of the CentralYouth Union, the “Rowing & Picking Up” event to clean the Saigon River, theEarth Day event of the “Clean & Green Vietnam” in Hanoi and Ho Chi MinhCity, among others.

The phase 2 of the Earth Day Compostable Campaign will continue on April 20-22, on the occasion of the EarthDay 2019, promising to have the participation of many more supermarkets,restaurants, urban areas, and organizations to join and spread the message ofenvironment protection.

“On March 22, 2019, at Big C Thang Long Supermarket, therewas a successful rehearsal of the Earth Day Compostable Campaign. Within amorning, more than 3,000 customers were instructed to minimize the use ofplastic bags and experience AnEco compostable products made from corn starch.Everyone welcomed the program enthusiastically,” said Ms. Nguyen Le Hang,Deputy Chief Executive Officer of An Phat Holdings Group.

“Thereby, An Phat is very confident in Earth Day CompostableCampaign as cooperating with businesses, organizations sharing a commonorientation to reduce plastic wastes and aim to "green" target. Webelieve that with the cooperation like this, it is absolutely feasible toprotect the living environment in particular and the earth in general. This isalso a way to share the burden in dealing with plastic wastes with thegovernments and communities,” she added.


Earth Day Compostable Campaign