Vietnam hopes for early conclusion of TPP talk with US

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung expressed hope for early conclusion of negotiations with the US on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (PPP) deal while meeting US Trade Representative Michael Froman in Hanoi on April 22.

Though difficulties remain ahead, especially in contents regarding market, services and investment, government procurement, intellectual property, State-owned enterprises and labour, the PM noted that the two sides have made long steps forward in the spirit of straightforwardness, sincerity, constructiveness, good will and cooperation.

He also repeated the Vietnamese government’s request at a recent meeting with President Barack Obama that the US take into consideration Vietnam’s development level in order to reach a balanced and flexible TPP pact that not only benefits TPP member states but also propels the sustainable and long-term comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and the US.

The host thanked the US for its promise to provide capacity-building and technical assistance in TPP enforcement and stated that Vietnam is consistent in seriously implementing all of its commitments.

Sharing hope for early TTP talk conclusion, Froman said the US keeps a consistent view on balanced interests while accepting certain exceptions, giving a transitional period for Vietnam in realising the pact’s commitments.

The US is willing to offer capacity building and technical assistance to Vietnam in implementing the TPP, he said.

The representative said both sides should thoroughly consider and tackle existing differences to prevent any obstacles from arising in the process of TPP enforcement.

Party official discusses TPP with US Trade Representative

Head of the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission Vuong Dinh Hue discussed the progress of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with US Trade Representative Michael Froman in Hanoi on April 22.

Vuong Dinh Hue declared that Vietnam and other TPP member nations welcome the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill that is being considered at the US Congress and hope for early approval of the bill.

The Party official noted that the TPP negotiation is of importance to Vietnam-US economic ties, and suggested the US take into account Vietnam’s core interests relating to accessing markets for garment and textile, footwear and farm produce.

He urged the US to soon recognise the market economy in Vietnam, stressing that the country will spare no effort to narrow the economic gap with other regional countries.

Vuong Dinh Hue also expressed his concern over the US Agriculture Department’s catfish inspection programme and called for the elimination of the programme.

The US trade representative affirmed the US’s determination to press ahead with the negotiation in order to wrap it up within this year. He pledged to work with the US Agriculture Department in a bid to avoid causing negative impacts for Vietnam.


Vietnam hopes for early conclusion of TPP talk with US