Educators alarmed about low math scores on high school exams

VietNamNet Bridge - Nearly 40,000 students received a 0-1 score in math on the national high school final exam, shocking many teachers.

Vietnam, national high school finals, MOET, 2-in-1 exam

A high school teacher in Hanoi said it was not a surprise that only 86 examinees received 10 out of 10 in math and 3,000 examinees received 9 out of 9.5, because many of the very difficult exam questions were designed for excellent students. 

With such scores in math, students would fail the finals even if they obtained high marks on other exam subjects.

Tran Nam Dung, a lecturer at the HCMC University of Natural Resources, said the low scores in math were worrying.

“If you consider the exam questions, you will find it unintelligible why students cannot get a 1.25 score,” he said, adding that the questions were very easy.

Dinh Huu Lam from the Nguyen Hue High School for the Gifted in Ha Dong district of Hanoi, said: “With such exam questions, it is easy to earn two scores at least.”

“It is necessary to reconsider the quality of math teaching and learning at general school,” he said. “Math is a basic and important subject necessary for everyone.”

Hoang Duc Dong, a teacher at Einstein High School in Hanoi, said: “As many as 40,000 examinees filled the My Dinh National Stadium. Math is a basic subject. It is really worrying if students are bad at math.”

The same problem can be seen in physics. 

Dung of the HCM City University of Natural Sciences said it was necessary the cause: the exam questions, teaching method, or unreasonable policy?

“I think that some of the students who got 0-1 in math lacked capacity, while the majority of them did not want to study. It is educators who have to take responsibility for the results of the majority of students,” Dung said.

Dao Tuan Dat, a teacher at Einstein High School,  said the problem was not the way the questions were formed. “The only explanation is that students’ skills are poor and they do not have basic knowledge,” he said.

Lam from Nguyen Hue School noted that many high school students did not have required knowledge at primary and secondary school, but they could not move up to the next grade every year.

More than 68,700 candidates out of a total of 816,000 have failed the high school graduation exam.

Nearly 20,500 university exam candidates, out of 720,000 in total, have scored under 1 for one subject, which would hinder them from entering university

Van Chung

Vietnam, national high school finals, MOET, 2-in-1 exam