High school graduation rate reaches 91.58% nationwide

The 2015 high school graduation rate reached 91.58%, announced the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) on July 23.

Candidates sit the 2015 high school graduation exams at exam site no.26 hosted by Hue University


The 2015 national high school examinations drew the participation of 1,005,654 candidates, including 816,830 students registering to use the exam’s results for high school graduation only.

The percentage of high school graduation for students who sat exams at venues hosted by local Departments of Education and Training was 84.45% and 94.75% for those who took exams at venues chaired by universities.

Following this, the local Departments of Education and Training will recognise eligible students for graduation and co-ordinate with exam venue organisers to promptly handle complaints relating to exam results.

Universities and colleges will then consider admission for registered candidates based on the exam results and enrollment quotas in accordance with related provisions.

The ministry also announced details of results for each subject under the exams. Candidates can refer to that information for gaining admission into universities and colleges.

It is expected that by August 1, the MOET will publish a benchmark for university and college enrollment based on the high school graduation exam results, of which students who do not reach the threshold will not be eligible for admission into universities and colleges.

*Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) announced that it will hold its second competency assessment test for the university admission consideration from August 1-8 with nearly 16,900 students registered to sit the exam.

Candidates will take the exam, which consists of 140 multiple-choice quantitative and qualitative questions, to be completed within 195 minutes.

Test results are expected to be announced by August 14-8 and the VNU will send official certificates of recognition of the results.

VNU is the only independent training institution that requires a test for enrollment without referring to results of the 2015 national high school exams.

VNU’s first competency assessment test was held from May 30 to June 3 with the participation of over 36,000 students.

Nhan Dan

High school graduation rate reaches 91.58% nationwide