Forbes’ billionaire comes to Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge – A breaking piece of news has been released and spread out from a media company: Bruce Kenneth Forbes, a member of the US honorable Forbes family came to Vietnam.  However, Mr. Forbes has no relation with the famous family except the exactly similar last name.

Bruce Kenneth Forbes, famous family, Archibus software, US businessman

Local newspapers in the morning of September 17 all published the hot news that Bruce Kenneth Forbes came to Vietnam in a working visit.

The news, citing the press release provided by the media company, reported that Bruce Kenneth Forbes, born in 1952, is a member of the famous US Forbes family, the owner of Forbes magazine, known as a prestigious rating firm with Fortunes 500 (the 500 biggest companies in the world), Global 2000 (the 2,000 biggest economic institutions in the world) or World’s Billionaires (the list of the world’s billionaires).

Bruce Kenneth Forbes was introduced as a billionaire himself who pours money and holds the management positions in more than 60 companies worldwide.

A representative of Forbes in Vietnam has confirmed with VietNamNet that Bruce Kenneth Forbes is not a member of the Forbes famous family which specializes in rating the companies and the billionaires.

At the press conference on the morning of September 16, Bruce Kenneth Forbes did not answer the question if he has any relation with the US famous Forbes family. Before the press conference’s opening time, the organizers reminded reporters not to raise the questions about the family, and personal information of the billionaire.

Vietnamese have got confused about the news about the billionaires, as they found the information on which proves the existence of the billionaire. However, there is not much information about him. Meanwhile, on, this name was not found in the list of the world’s billionaires.

During his working visit to Vietnam, as stated in the press release, the billionaire would have a series of meetings with Vietnamese business firms. Bruce Kenneth Forbes is the CEO, founder and the owner of Archibus, the developer of Archibus software – a software solution on managing properties, which has been present in many countries in the world.

Nevertheless, a media executive of a big real estate firm said there would be no meeting between the billionaire and the managers of the firm. She guessed the businessman came to Vietnam

After online local newspapers clarified the biography of the US businessman, a lot of Vietnamese companies which were thought to have scheduled working meetings with the Forbes billionaire, have denied any meetings with him.

Bitexco, a big real estate group, Ocean Group, Vietinbank and some other big conglomerates, which the media firm said would have meetings with the US businessman, have affirmed that there will be no meeting, no working session. Especially, the representative of an enterprise said he does not know who the businessman is.

Do Duc Duy, Chief Secretariat of the Ministry of Construction, affirmed that the ministry’s leaders will not have any working session with Mr. Bruce. The US businessman only had a meeting with the representative of a small company put under the ministry’s management as the Director of Archibus.

An executive of Bitexco said the man came to Bitexco’s head office, but not to attend a meeting with the managers. He just met some executives of some relevant divisions.

The man really attended the meeting with the students of the Hanoi Economics University on September 16.

D. Anh

Bruce Kenneth Forbes, famous family, Archibus software, US businessman