Digital platform cuts recruitment times

Recruitment of hard-to-fill positions is much faster on the digital platform, according to a recently-released survey from VietnamWorks on successful recruitment campaigns.

The problem with difficult positions is recruiting the right person who meets requirements on an acceptable salary. Digital recruitment can resolve this problem because it is able to reach the right target audience in various communication channels and can measure recruitment performance through detailed reports on each channel.

The VietnamWorks’ report is on its advanced recruitment technique, “Digital Recruiting Handbook”. The report’s content is based on analysis and figures from VietnamWorks’s data, which owns the largest jobseeker database in Vietnam, with approximately 3.6 million candidates, most of whom have two or more years of experience. Seventy per cent of job applicants come from existing profiles on VietnamWorks websites while 30 per cent are from new registrations.

The new method also optimizes access and conversion to recruitment profiles for mass recruitment needs, where the problem is how to reach a large number of candidates in a short period of time and persuade them to apply by providing a clear and precise job description. Digital channels will be an effective method because of their ability to provide wide coverage, enhance multiple access methods, and increase trust among jobseekers, while less time is needed to create an ad, measurement of recruitment efficiency is easier, and the cost of job postings is cut.

It also helps to effectively promote the employer brand for a new business.

The problem with promoting a recruiting brand is how to increase candidates’ reach and interest in the brand while also optimizing the cost. Digital channels are the best solution for employers, thanks to the ability to communicate with a large target audience, reach candidates more effectively (with automated ads with more detailed content on the brand after the candidate had searched the business name), and optimize the cost and easy measurement of advertising effectiveness.

The most important matter new businesses face is how to both recruit and promote the employer brand effectively. The use of digital media channels is good for employers because it provides the ability to reach many candidates via major media networks, and reach the right target audience, and it is affordable to conduct and easy to control recruiting campaigns through detailed measurement systems.


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