The first “Made in Vietnam” car in photos

VietNamNet Bridge - To realize the dream of manufacturing the first "Made in Vietnam" car, since 2009 the Xuan Kien Automobile Corporation (Vinaxuki) has invested more than VND250 billion in research and manufacturing.

However, since 2010, when the economy fell into recession, banks tightened lending, and interest rates skyrocketed, Vinaxuki had to cease operation in 2012. The dream about a Vietnamese car was left unfinished. 

The model four-seat car manufactured by Vinaxuki has a localization rate of about 50%. If the car is marketed, the scheduled prices are from VND350 million to VND390 million ($17,000-$19,000).

Due to financial difficulties, the production was interrupted in 2012. The car is not yet complete with many parts and accessories not installed. 

Vinaxuki hired 10 Japanese experts to work at its factories for four consecutive years to design and manufacture the car.

Tires are imported from Japan.

The car is equipped with a 1.5L engine of Mitsubishi (Japan), consuming only six liters of petrol per 100km.

The car is designed with four seats but currently has only two seats. 

To complete the car, Vinaxuki needs additional VND20 billion to import machinery and spare parts and about VND50 billion in working capital for the company.

Bui Ngoc Huyen, Vinaxuki Chair, has cherished his "little" son, his lifelong dream.

Interior furniture is mainly produced in Taiwan.

Devices are waiting to be inserted to complete the vehicle.

The car is named VG (Vietnam Graceful).

The entire frame and shell of the car is manufactured by Vinaxuki. Currently 200 car frames have been completed.

In addition to the four-seat car, Vinaxuki also intends to produce a nine-seat car. These are the two model cars placed in the middle of the lobby of Vinaxuki headquarters.

Also, because of the dream of the "Made in Vietnam" car, Vinaxuki has been in a difficult situation since 2012.

The factory has been closed since 2012.


Tien Phong

The first “Made in Vietnam” car in photos