Most prominent cultural events in 2012
VietNamNet Bridge - The year 2012 nearly ends with many achievements and scandals. Below are some outstanding events of the year.
Hung Kings’ worship ritual recognized as world cultural heritage

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The unique practice of worshipping Hung Kings in Phu Tho province, Vietnam was recognized by UNESCO as part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage on December 6.

According to researchers, no country in the world has a similar ritual to the worship of the nation’s ancestors in Vietnam. For generations, Vietnamese people have believed the Hung Kings are the founders of the country and the ancestors of the nation.

Therefore, the worship of Hung Kings has become a unique cultural ritual in the spiritual life of the nation. It is also a symbol of origin that stimulates solidarity and national pride.

Cultural researchers said the worship of the national forefathers in Vietnam is the highest development of ancestral worship. The unique elements look towards origin and community connectivity.

Also in 2012, Vinh Nghiem Pagoda’s Buddhist woodblocks (located in Tri Yen commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province) were recognized as UNESCO world documentary heritage in May.

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda now preserves over 3,000 Buddhist woodblocks, carved from the 16-19 centuries to serve training of Truc Lam Zen Buddhist monks. Each woodblock has two sides, carving reverse Han Nom scripts of various contents: medicine, literature, spells, Buddhist rules, etc.

The largest woodblock has a length of more than 1m, a width of 40-50cm with unique carved patterns.

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda is known as the "grand temple," a major Buddhist center of the Tran Dynasty, an important place of the three founders of the Truc Lam Zen Buddhism (Tran Nhan Tong – Phap Loa - Huyen Quang).

Currently, the UNESCO is considering recognizing Vietnam’s stone musical instrument as world cultural heritage.

The public got angry with the “kissing” scandal between pop star and monk

Vietnam, cultural events, 2012, scandal

The kiss between singer Dam Vinh Hung and a Buddhist monk on the stage of a charity show on November 4 in Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest scandal of the showbiz in 2012. The same-sex kiss between the male singer with the monk made the witness startled. Pictures "grabbing" the kiss were quickly spread on the Internet, stirring up a backlash from the public.

As soon as the case was reported by the local media, the two monks were identified. They were also penalized: being kept in for three months. The young monk then returned to secular life while the singer had to pay VND5 million fine.
This “kissing” scandal and a series of scandals related to the outfit of models and artists in 2012 have raised an alarm about the degradation of consciousness and culture of some artists.
Bang Kieu and Khanh Ly licensed to perform in Vietnam

Vietnam, cultural events, 2012, scandal

In late September, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nhan, an official of the Performing Arts Agency, said that the agency granted a performing license to overseas Vietnamese singers Bang Kieu and Khanh Ly until December 2012.

This is not only good news for Khanh Ly and Bang Kieu and their fans but it also shows the open view of the management agency.

Until now, the information about Khanh Ly’s return is unclear but Bang Kieu’s first show in Hanoi after 10 years living in the US attracted special attention of the audience and the media.

Hanoi International Film Festival 2012

Vietnam, cultural events, 2012, scandal

The second Hanoi International Film Festival 2012 was held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in November, attracting movies from 31 countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific.

More than 100 feature films, documentaries and short films were screened at nine cinema complexes, including 37 competing in the categories of Best Feature Movie, Best Short Film and the Network for Promotion of Asian Cinema Award.

Two Vietnamese films competed with 12 others for Best Feature Movie are: Thien Menh Anh Hung (Blood Letter) and Dam Me (Passion). “Blood Letter” took the award of the jury, the second most important prize for the feature film category.

Hoang Tuan Anh, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said this film festival provides an opportunity for Vietnamese artists and actors to exchange cultural values and professional experiences and helps spread the image of Vietnam to the world.

Classic music goes to street

Vietnam, cultural events, 2012, scandal

The project to take classic and jazz music from formal stage to the street (at No. 61 Ly Thai To street, Hanoi) for free at the weekend was released in 2011 and received positive comments from the audience and experts.
In 2012, the LUALA concert is praised for better quality, with the participation of top singers like Thanh Lam, Hong Nhung and My Linh.

The LUALA concert was co-organized by DX Corporation, the Music Publishing House, and the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO).

Participating in the program were popular artists such as 21 members of the VNSO and other orchestras in the capital, music editor – musician Tran Manh Hung, sound consultant – artist Nhat Ly, violinist Xuan Huy who led 20 other string instrument artists.

Besides this, the “LUALA Concert Fall Winter 2012” will feature many famous symphony and light music artists, promising to enthrall the Hanoi audiences.

Compiled by T. Van
Vietnam, cultural events, 2012, scandal