About Us

VietNamNet Online Newspaper (http://vietnamnet.vn

As one of the first online newspapers in Vietnam, VietNamNet has worked to improve both its quality and design, and paint a lively multi-faceted reflection of Vietnam in order to satisfy the increasingly diverse information requirements of readers at home and abroad. The address http://vietnamnet.vn has become familiar to Internet users in Vietnam and overseas Vietnamese with nearly 1 billion hits every month. 

VietNamNet, an online newspaper which combines the strength of IT and a professional contingent of reporters and editors, brings you: 

  • The latest domestic and world information and events, constantly updated from unique and reliable sources.
  • Highly interactive forums where millions of domestic and foreign readers may directly discuss hot issues.
  • Specialised sections such as files, commentaries and documentation can meet the varied requirement of readers.
  • Many clubs, particularly those specialised in IT, football, culture and English, attract large communities of Internet users.
  • Specialised pages provide diverse, abundant information meeting the needs of a horde of businesses and individuals.

VietNamNet Bridge (http://english.vietnamnet.vn

This is the first English online newspaper in Vietnam. VietNamNet Bridge gives a lively, honest reflection and the economic, cultural and social panorama of Vietnam for friends, partners and the international community.