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Theatre to feature regular ethnic music performances
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VietNamNet Bridge – The first ever series featuring the musical heritage of Viet Nam's ethnic groups will kick off tonight, March 21, according to Hoang Xuan Binh, head of the Ethnic Music and Dance Troupe of the Viet Nam Music and Dance Theatre.

HTML clipboardEthnic intro: People's Artist Xuan Hoach will play a blind busker. — VNS File Photo
The first show at Au Co Theatre, in Ha Noi's Huynh Thuc Khang Street will feature around 50 artists from the theatre and will last 90 minutes.

"We plan to perform such a show regularly to gradually introduce the music forms and dances of Viet Nam's 54 ethnic groups," Binh told Viet Nam News.

The same shows will be available at State conferences, official receptions of the government and foreign affairs agencies, he said.

Binh further said that the theatre would invite ethnic music artisans and researchers to perform and to help stage music items. At the first show, People's Artist Xuan Hoach has been invited to work as an art consultant in hat xam (ballads once sung by wandering blind musicians) and hat van (northern traditional folk art combining singing and dancing). He will also perform as a xam singer and as an instrument player in a ca tru (ceremonial singing) item.

Musician Luong Nguyen has helped stage a hat xoan (another form of northern folk singing) and artist Van Chien from the northern province of Ha Giang has helped stage hat luon and hat coi (folk singing of some ethnic groups in northern mountainous region).

"I hope with the help of artisans and researchers, the show closely follow the original folk ways of singing," Binh said.

He further said that artists in the theatre were not that familiar with the folk singing and dances of all the ethnic groups in the country, but with the co-operation of local artisans and researchers, the artists would be able to do the show.

The theatre will be subsidised by the culture ministry and sell tickets, besides issuing invitations.

Tickets for the show can be obtained at the theatre's ticket booth at 8 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ha Noi.

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