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Perils from trucks on street

VietNamNet Bridge – Steel and concrete blocks weighing tens of tons carried by trucks have become dangers for travelers in HCM City. Many accidents have happened.

A truck carrying over 20 concrete poles, which were tied by two small chains,

was running on Hanoi Highway in the Thu Duc district, HCM City. On April 19,

the driver assistant of a truck was killed when concrete block on his truck,

which was over 70 tons in weight, fell on the cabin.

A truck that carried steel pipes, which were tied by two chains, ran on Huynh Tan Phat road, District 7.

In 2009, an accident happened with a truck that carried two steel rolls totaling 50 tons in weight on

Nguyen Van Linh road, District 7, when the chain tying the steel rolls broke. Two steel roles

rolled onto the cabin, killing the driver.

A truck transporting steel roles, which were not tied, ran in Saigon’s downtown.

Most of the trucks broke the rules because they didn’t tie or cover goods while running on the road.

A truck with three steel rolls running on the Thu Duc flyover.

In 2009, a truck with three rolls of steel, totaling 60 tons, was flipped on the Thu Duc flyover.

Three steel roles rolled out to the road, scaring many people.

A truck with goods not covered in Saigon.

Another truck without cover bars.

A truck with pipe rolls on Hanoi Highway.

Source: VNE