Last update 5/21/2011 8:00:00 AM (GMT+7)

Dog-killing beast is a rumor

VietNamNet Bridge - The ferocious beast that has allegedly beheaded two dozen domestic dogs in Binh Dong Commune of the central province of Quang Ngai recently is a false rumor, Nguyen Trung Cong, head of the provincial Forest Ranger, claimed yesterday.

Hunting dog-killing beast

Upon the numerous reported attacks of a mysterious animal on domestic dogs in Son Tra village of Binh Dong Commune, the provincial Forest Ranger has been hunting for the culprit, but found nothing after four days of search.

They even set up a hotline for the residents to report in case they came across the creature again.

But Cong said no calls had been made to the hotline so far.

“No one has ever seen that beast. This must be a false rumor, though I’m not sure why it is spread,” he said.

Speaking of the footprints the animal had left scattered throughout the village, Cong said they were the footprints of neither panther nor bear, but simply of the dogs.

And the story that 20 dogs have been beheaded and mutilated by the beast was not true either, he said.

“We have been searching thoroughly for the animal. Anyone who claims to have seen it must sign a statement of honor,” he said.

VietNamNet/Tuoi Tre