Last update 4/29/2012 11:25:00 AM (GMT+7)

Government clamps down on hazardous child labour

The government is drafting a circular that prohibit organisations and individual employers from hiring children for hazardous work.


Children working in hazardous conditions is a common sight (illustration)

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health are gathering people's opinions and compiling a list of work too dangerous for minors.

According to the circular, organisations or individual employers are forbidden from hiring children for hazardous work involving electromagnetic radiation, vibration, noise, heat, silica and other types of dust. Jobs that have to be in contact with mutagen, chemicals that cause cancer and infertility are also banned.

Children are also prohibited from working underground, tasks performed in close, confined spaces for half of their working hours, or on scaffolding five metres or more high. They are also restricted in the level of permitted weights they are allowed to carry.

Besides listing the jobs conditions, the circular also specifically states 86 dangerous jobs under 12 work sectors including mechanics, metallurgy, textiles, mining, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, construction traffic, oil and gas processing industry, manufacturing, telecommunications, chemicals, healthcare and construction.

Employers have to review their workers and re-assign employee to suitable jobs if necessary. They are asked to implement paperwork that monitors the name, date of birth and current jobs of the juvenile employees. Moreover, recruitment health checks and periodic health examination are also required.