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The highlights of the Vietnamese games market in 2011

VietNamNet Bridge – 2011 proves to be a difficult year for Vietnamese games producers. However, they still have been surviving difficulties and developing.

Here are the most outstanding features of the games market in 2011.

1. Vietnam successfully exported Vietnamese games

VNG has become the first Vietnamese enterprises that brings its game to foreign gamers in November 2011. “Un in,” a kind of games on social networks developed by VNG, has been distributed by a Japanese company, DeNA, in Japan.

VTC Online also caught the special attention to the games circle when it brought its five games in MMOFPS, webgame and game on social network to popularize at G-Star 2011, a game exhibition in South Korea.

2. Vietnamese first offline game makes debut

December 16 is considered a memorable day of the Vietnamese games circle, when EMOBI GAMES launched into the market the first offline game manufactured domestically, called 7554.

This is a game with educational content which recalls the national heroic victory of the Vietnamese nation against the French colonialist at the Dien Bien Phu Combat on May 7, 1954. The game has been highly appreciated not only in Vietnam, but also in foreign countries by famous foreign games journals.

3. Watchdog agencies still have not released any regulations on games management

The intercircular No 60 on online game management has become out of date, while the Ministry of Information and Communication has been drafting a new regulation to replace the legal document, which was submitted to the government in August 2010. However, to date, the new regulation has not come out, which has put big difficulties to the domestic game industry.

4. Webgames dominating the Vietnamese online games market

More than 20 webgames under different modes were introduced to gamers in 2011. Webgame proves to be the kind of game which has been most discusses on games forums in Vietnam in 2011.

5. Games on mobile devices have made great progress

Together with the development of games played on computers, game on mobile phones have also made a big leap in its development. A lot of domestic companies have joined hands to develop games on mobile phones, including the Digital Solution Company, Bien Xanh, T-Mobile and Vivoo.

6. FIFA Online recognized as eSport

In September 2011, the Vietnam Recreational and Electronic Sport Association Viresa, a unit of the Sports Commission, recognized FIFA Online as the first kind of electronic sports (eSports) in Vietnam.

The gamers who succeed at the tournaments of the game can obtain the titles of master and are likely to be enrolled in universities without having to sit the entrance exams.

In related news, a recent report by Niko Partners shows that the turnover from online games in South East Asia would reach 474 million dollars this year, and one billion dollars by 2015, while Vietnam is the country with the highest turnover from games.

The report said that Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are the “newly rising stars” in Asia, which have existed together the exploited markets of China, South Korea and Japan.

While Vietnam ranks as the market with the highest turnover from games, it is also the country which applies the strictest regulations on the market management. A lot of people believe that the government of Vietnam should not allow to develop games in Vietnam, believing that games are the main reasons behind the violence and social evils. Meanwhile, economists believe that the government needs to put the game industry under strict control, because this is a profitable industry which can bring high turnover.

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