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What are the most important criteria for a member of the Party Central Committee?

VietNamNet Bridge – On January 16, the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam fixed the list of candidates for the election of the Central Party Committee.


The number of nominees is 15 percent higher than the number of elected members (175). Candidates are at three age categories: less than 40, less than 50 and 60.

The election of 175 official members and 25 alternate members of the Party Central Committee will take place on the afternoon of January 17.

The new Party Central Committee will elect the Politburo and the Secretary General. The new Secretary General will introduce himself to the Congress and will preside over an international press conference on January 19.


Delegates on June 16 discussed standards, number of the committee members and researched curriculum vitae of those people who were nominated to the committee and decided to run for the post of the committee by themselves.

Most of delegates said that thanks to the reform in nominating and electing system in the congress the number of nominees increased, creating good conditions to vote for thecommittee members.

The general criteria for selecting personnel for the new executive committee include: being politically staunch, adhering to national independence and socialism, striving for a wealthy, rich, democratic, equitable, and civilized country, a strategic view and renewal-oriented thinking, being creative and highly combative, and being able to rally unity within the Party to lead the country.

According to the new regulation on organizational structure of the committee, female members will make up 10%, under 50 year-old members will reach 20%; number of scientists will also increase in the committee.

That is the reason why in Sunday discussion on candidates for the new committee many delegates were recommended behind the list introduced by the previous committee.

Up to now there is only one member to offer himself as a candidate for the committee.

In previous discussions on the list of the new committee members, many delegates required not to nominate unusual rich members of the party to the new committee.

Deputies believe that people need enthusiastic cadres ready to devote their talent and life to the country’s merciless struggle against the evil, conservativeness and corruption.

Some deputies gave priority to those who dare to think, dare to do and dare to bear responsibility.

Some others highlighted the fact that the newly elected cadres should be willing to sacrifice themselves for the Party and people given the negative impacts of the market economy.

Nguyen Hoa Binh, Secretary of the Quang Ngai provincial party committee, proposed introducing more young cadres to the leadership at all levels.

What are the most important criteria for a member of the Party Central Committee?

Delegate Pham Phuong Thao, Chair of the HCM City People’s Council: I think a member of the Party Central Committee must be the ones who dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility and have renovated thinking and who are close to the people.

There are young people whose thinking is old and who can’t catch up with the age. At the same time, there are old people whose thinking is young and dynamic. In the recent Party Congress at grassroots level, the rate of female cadres was low so I would give priority to electing female members.

Delegate Nguyen Chi Dung, Party Secretary of Ninh Thuan Province: At present, we don’t have many people who are ready to sacrifice themselves to the country like we had in the wartime. Therefore, I will elect those who are talented, virtuous and have high aspirations.

I wish the Party Central Committee consists of people who are brave in their renovation process and willing to devote themselves to the country.

Delegate Tran Hanh, Chairman of the Vietnam Veteran Association: All Party Congresses always emphasize talent and virtue as criteria for choosing officials. I thinkvirtue must be at the root. Members of the Party Central Committee must have people’s trust, be the ones who dare to do and dare to take responsibility.

Youth is a priority but it is not the decisive factor. It is said that the age of members of the first Party Central Committees were young but now it is quite high. It is understandable because at that time our party was young.

Delegate Nguyen The De, Chair of the Inspection Committee of Thai Nguyen Province: Choosing nominees for the election of the Party Centre Committee is very important. I think nominees must be clean ofcorruption andactivelyfight it.

Tran Xuan Tuyet, Director of Thai Binh Police Department: Candidates must be men of firm courage / spirit and will, well-trained and be trusted by the people.

Tran Van Truyen, Chief Government Inspector: The personnel work is of decisive significance to the implementation of Party congress’ documents so the qualifications of the Party Central Committee members must be given top priority.

Those who will stand in the Party Central Committee must be qualified in terms of virtue and capacity, including intellectual capacity and acting capacity. The current circumstance when deeds are required to match words, the capacity to put Party resolutions into life become a big measurement for the candidates to the 11 th Party Central Committee. 

Nguyen Thi Minh, Deputy Finance Minister: The 11 th Party Congress will elect a new Party Central Committee that is powerful and capable of successfully leading the implementation of the 11 th Party Congress Resolution.

The ability to gather the people and an enterprising capacity are resolute necessary for members of the new Party Central Committee in order to make breakthroughs and new decisions and strategies in service of the country’s development.

Nguyen Duc Kien, Vice Secretary of the Soc Trang provincial Party Committee: the Vietnamese people in and outside the country have high expectations on the 11 th Party Central Committee.

All Party Central Committee members must uphold the fighting spirit and take responsibility for whatever they do. Once they are right, they must be resolute in implementing.