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13th NA to strongly upgrade operational mode

VietNamNet Bridge – The 13th National Assembly should significantly update its organisational and operational modes, and strive to achieve important results in performing its functions and tasks, making worthy contributions to the country’s common achievements.

Party General Secretary and NA Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong at the session. (Source: VNA)

The statement was made by Party General Secretary and NA Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong in his speech opening the first session of the 13th NA in Hanoi on July 21.

The NA Chairman stressed that in the context where the country was comprehensively speeding up the modernisation process, the entire Party, people and army were determined to successfully implement the 11th National Party Congress Resolution, creating the foundations for Vietnam to become a modern industrial country in 2020.

He suggested that NA deputies should raise high the spirit of responsibility and promote intelligence and democracy to lucidly select, elect and approve deserving people to key leading positions of State agencies, as well as contribute quality ideas to make the session successful.

On behalf of the Party Central Committee, General Secretary Trong warmly welcomed the great and comprehensive success of the elections of deputies to the 13th NA and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2011-2016 tenure. He also congratulated newly elected NA and People’s Council deputies.

To successfully implement the Resolution of the 11th National Party Congress with its noble objectives and heavy tasks, the whole nation should continue to comprehensively speed up the modernisation process in all fields with increasing quality and efficiency, including the development and completion of a law-governed socialist state which was considered a decisive factor for the success of the national construction and defence, he said.

He said the NA should focus on building and completing a synchronous, united and feasible legal system to institutionalise the Political Platform and the Party’s viewpoints and guidelines, and promote the role and improve the efficiency of State management while ensuring political stability and socio-economic development, strengthening defence and security, speeding up international integration, and building a stronger and more transparent state.

The NA needed to continue improve the quality and efficiency of supreme supervision activities, he added.

According to the Party and legislative leader, Q&A activities at NA sessions and NA Standing Committee meetings should continue to be streamlined in the direction of promoting democracy and increasing debate, pointing out responsibilities and measures to boost the effective implementation of the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and law, while creating genuine change.

The NA should further heighten its responsibility and improve the quality of decisionmaking on the country’s important issues, especially socio-economic issues, the State budget, the State apparatus organisational and personnel work as well as ensure the common interests of the nation in line with the people’s will and aspirations.

At this session, the NA will choose, elect and approve key positions in the State agencies.

Based on thoroughly grasping personnel work set out by the 11th National Party Congress, existing staff and the requirements of the organising structure of the NA, the Government, judiciary agencies of the 13th tenure and NA deputies were asked to conduct discussions in a democratic manner as well as chose, elect and ratify people who are worthy of key positions in State agencies, ensuring the comprehensive leadership of the Party, the efficient and effective management of the State and creating the combined strength of the entire political system.

NA deputies should be fully aware of people representatives’ authority and responsibilities; competently implement action programmes and maintain regular contacts with voters; listen and honestly reflect voter petitions, accept voter supervision and make active contributions in order to raise the effectiveness of the NA and its bodies’ operations, said Trong.

The Party leader said the requirements of national construction and defence in the new period were posing a heavy and noble mission for the 13th NA and its deputies.

Nationwide voters were expecting the new NA to make the best use of previous NA achievements, to continue putting forward breakthrough solutions to renew the direction and activities to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operation, he added.

With the function of leading the State and society and its responsibility and authority stipulated in the Constitution, the Communist Party of Vietnam will continue building the State of the people, by the people and for the people, said the Party chief.

The Party leader said the 13th NA will unite to successfully fulfil its mission, marking another milestone in the history of the Vietnamese NA development.

A report on nationwide voters’ petitions on the 13th NA general elections presented by President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee Huynh Dam said that nationwide voters proposed the Party and State continue to promote the renewal process in a comprehensive manner, build a clean and transparent political system with a staff of devoted, ethical, responsible and exemplary officials and employees and bring into play democracy and enhance the strength of the great national unity.

The Party and State should maintain fast and sustainable economic development and socio-political stability, improve people’s spiritual and material lives, enhance diplomatic activities and ensure security and defence as well as defend national independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity, said the report.

Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung delivered a report on the socio-economic situation and the State budget in the first half of the year and major tasks and solutions for the remaining six months.

Positive results have been recorded in the drastic and synchronous implementation of solutions to control inflation, stabilise the macroeconomy and ensure social welfare in line with Resolutions of the Party, NA, and the Government, said the Deputy PM.

The nation’s GDP was estimated at 5.57 percent in the first six months of the year, lower than that of last year’s corresponding period and the target set by the NA for the whole year, he said, noting that was the nation’s great effort in the present difficult situation.

The deputy PM emphasised major solutions for the remaining six months of the year, focusing on curbing inflation, stabilising the macroeconomy and ensuring social security.

The Party leadership, the State management and the strength and consensus of the entire political system and society will continue to be promoted for implementing the targets of the five-year 2011-2015 socio-economic development and the 10-year 2011-2020 socio-economic development strategy, he said.

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