Last update 3/24/2011 1:01:00 PM (GMT+7)

Radioactive cloud to come to Vietnam in two days

VietNamNet Bridge – A radioactive cloud will come to Vietnam on March 25 but it will not affect human’s health, according to the Agency for Radioactive Nuclear Safety.

Chief of the Agency for Radioactive Nuclear Safety, Dr. Ngo Dang Nhan said that according to Norwegian scientists, a radioactive cloud from Japan will come to southern Vietnam on March 25 but it will not harm people’s health.

Responding to worries of radioactive infected foods from Japan, Nhan said that foods imported from Japan would be tested for radioactivity.

“If we discover any signal of danger, we will release warnings,” he said.

A radioactive cloud from Japan’s Fukushima I plant moved south over the Pacific and reached the north of the Philippines on March 22.

By yesterday, no radioactive dispersion was found in Vietnam, Ministry of Science and Technology reported.

The nuclear incident at the Fukushima I plant has remained under the control of the Japanese Government, the ministry said.

The cooling of the plant’s reactors with seawater pumped in from specialized fire engines has paid off, with the temperatures of the reactors having gone down, the ministry added.