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Hundreds of people die of cancer in a village

VietNamNet Bridge – Cancer has become a popular disease in Tu Lac village. “Hundreds of people have died of cancer so far in my village. Now the village is not called “Tu Lac” but called “Tu Tiet” (all dead),” a girl said.

Some years ago, the public was stunned by the discovery about the “cancer commune” of Thach Son in Lam Thao district, located not far from the Lam Thao fertilizer plant. Nearly ten people die of cancer every year.

However, a more terrible situation has been found in Minh Tan commune in Hai Duong province. Hundreds of people have died of cancer in the commune, while nearly 100 people have died because of the same disease in a village in the last 10 years.

It was very sunny and hot in mid day. The Tu Lac field was completely deserted, while people stayed inside their homes with very tight shut windows. It was the time for enterprises to destroy mountains and exploit stones.

A lot of trucks were seen going in and out of the cement plants in the localities, kicking the dust. The village turned white with the color of the stone and cement dust.

“It’s too dusty here. Local residents may suffer from respiratory-system relating diseases?” In reply, a girl said: “Hundreds of people in the village have died of cancer. The village is not called “Tu Lac”, but Tu Tiet (all dead).”

“More than a half of the dead people suffered from cancer. People die every month here because of cancer,” she continued.

“There are more young dead people than old,” she added, and giving some 15 names of the people, who are struggling with the Death.

Phuc has suffered from lung cancer and the doctor has given up the case. His family members are preparing for his burial observances. Lua, who suffers from breast cancer, has had one breast cut. Hoi, a 27 year old girl, has been told that she is suffering lung cancer.

“My husband’s death helps me stay alive”

Mien, who is also a cancer patient, affirmed that the main culprit that brings disaster to the local residents is the cement plants’ huge chimneys, as tall as the mountains in the region. The Hoang Thach cement plant is located next to the village.

“I have been trying to sue the cement plants to different agencies. I will never shrink from difficulties,” Mien said.

“I have suffered from cancer; I know that I will die. However, I still need to struggle, so that my children, my grandchildren can live,” she added.

“How can people live in a village, where there’s full of dust on the sky and black chemicals on the earth?” she questioned.

Several years ago, a steel mill threw its waste on the lakeside of the village. After that, fish died in masses, grass became withered and gave a terrible smell. Mien and local residents sued the steel mill and won the case. The steel mill had to shut down the rubbish dump.

Mien has been following treatment process over the last year. Now she can return to the home village, but she has to go to Hanoi once every month to have healthcare examined and get prescriptions.

“My husband’s death has saved me. As I am the wife of a revolutionary martyr and I have a healthcare insurance policy. Therefore, I do not have to pay for treatment,” she said.

“I would never have hundreds of millions of dong to treat my disease,” she added.

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