Last update 3/16/2012 4:12:47 PM (GMT+7)

Hoa ethnic language put on school curriculum

VietNamNet Bridge – The Chinese (Hoa) ethnic language will be included as an optional subject for children of the Hoa ethnic minority group, at general schools in Vietnam.

“Language disorder” trouble warned for children learning many languages

Illustrative image. (Photo: VNS)
Under the Ministry of Education and Training’s plan, the teaching of the Hoa ethnic language at primary and secondary school levels aims to form and develop communication ability in the Hoa language among pupils of the Hoa ethnic group, as well as help them gain a fundamental knowledge of the language and culture of the group.

The plan is to realise Government Decree issued on July 15, 2010, stipulating the teaching and learning of ethnic languages and writings at general schools and regular education centres nationwide.

Earlier, the Ministry announced six similar programmes in Hmong, Ede, Bana, Jrai, Ede, Cham and Khmer languages for ethnic minority pupils at general schools.

Classes will be conducted twice a week for ethnic pupils who wish to study their own ethnic language.

The Ministry is also developing teaching programmes on the Mnong and Xedang ethnic languages.
Vietnam has 53 ethnic minorities, 30 of which have their own written languages.