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Vietnamese billionaires and multi-million dollar simcards

VietNamNet Bridge – Nowadays, money is not the only thing that shows the upper class of billionaires. Possessing luxurious cars, aircrafts, watches, mobile phones, and especially the simcards worth several billions of dong, has become in fashion.

The big economic difficulties in 2012 did not hurt the rich people. A lot of quiet transactions where simcards were traded at several billions of dong were carried out. Meanwhile, a normal simcard was priced at just tens of thousands of dong.

The stories about the “king simcards”

What are the most expensive things super rich people usually bring with themselves? In many cases, these are not the watches on the hands, or Vertu mobile phones, but the “super simcards” worth billions of dong. The special thing of the simcards is that the simcards will never depreciate.

“There are many Vertu mobile phones, and there are also many luxurious cars. Meanwhile, there is only one simcard with specific numerals. You can only find only one simcard with specific numerals in one country,” a billionaire said.

Dang Minh Duc, the owner of the simcard No 0988888888, which is considered the most expensive simcard in Vietnam, said he is very proud of the “king simcard”. Duc said that he receives a lot of calls every day from the people who ask him to sell them the simcard with the specific numerals. In oriental feng shui theory, the numeral “8” symbolizes the prosperity and luck. China, for example, opened the Olympic tournament at 8h8’ of August 8, 2008.

Though the simcard with 8 “8s” is valued at one million dollars (21 billion dong), a lot of people still express their determination to buy it. However, to date, Duc has refused all the offers to purchase his simcard.

Besides, the simcards with the numerals “6” which symbolizes good fortune and “9” which symbolizes power, have also been in high demand. The owner of the simcard with numerals 091x.888.888 said that some people have offered to pay it at 2 billion dong, but he would not sell it, because he has been very successful with the simcard.

The owners of the super simcards are all billionaires, and they know each other. TVChuong, a young lord from Soc Trang province, the son of a big guy in seafood import-export is one of them. He is now using the simcard 097x.999999 – the “simcard of the God of Wealth.”

The owner of the simcard 098x999999 is also a big name in the business circle, who is the brother of the general director of ML taxi group. Meanwhile, the simcard 09x7777777 is being held by Tung V, a young businessman from Nam Dinh, who is running a Vertu shop which is very well known to Vietnamese playboys.

Expensive simcards in high demand, cheap simcards unsold

On SSC, a simcard forum, or, one would see the ad pieces for the simcards with “lucky numerals”. These are not called “super simcards” like the ones worth billions of dong. However, they are different from normal simcards, because they comprise of “lucky numerals” such as 6 or 8.

The simcards were once hunted by many mobile phone users, who wanted to seek good luck for themselves. However, the products have become unsold after mobile network operators launched the new simcards with 10 numerals into the market.

Meanwhile, original simcards remain expensive. Tung V has revealed that he was lucky enough to purchase the simcard 096x888.888 which he has just sold at “billions of dong.”

Another king simcard, 096x888.888, is being offered to purchase at 3.5 billion dong by a big guy in the real estate sector in Vinh Phuc province.

Source: VTC