Last update 11/25/2011 12:19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Final outcome of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2011 leaked out?
VietNamNet Bridge – It is suspected that the result of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2011, the second season, has been out before the final night when the image of the top four contestants has appeared on the Internet.

The four girls who are believed to be the top four contestants of
the Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2011.

The Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2011 has passed half of the way, with 8 out of 14 episodes already aired on VTV3. Only nine out of 21 contestants remain with the show.

This reality show has attracted a large number of viewers. While the audience is curious that who will have to leave the show in the upcoming episode, the information about the top four contestants has appeared on the net.

A picture of the four top contestants in the final episode at a fashion show in Singapore was posted on the internet. They are four familiar faces: Le Thi Thuy, Tra My, Hoang Thi Thuy and Nguyen Thuy Trang.

The script of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2011 includes an episode shooting the top contestants in Singapore. Many people, therefore, believe that these are the four finalists.

The doubt is further supported when over a week ago, an online forum “forecast” the outcome of the 8th episode and the “forecast” is accurate. The online community also predicts that Le Thi Thuy will be the winner.

It is said that this program was shot a long time ago for airing gradually so information about it may be leaked out.

The audience will be very disappointed if they know the result in advance.

Thu Hang