Last update 9/28/2011 2:00:00 PM (GMT+7)

Vietnamese movie to be screened at Vancouver, Busan Film Fests
VietNamNet Bridge – After the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, Vu Ngoc Dang’s “Lost in Paradise” will participate in the Vancouver Film Festival in Canada and Busan Film Festival in South Korea in October.

Two leading actors in “Lost in Paradise”, Luong Manh Hai and Ho Vinh Khoa (second and
third from the left) met with the audience in Toronto.

At the Toronto Film Festival, “Lost in Paradise” had three film showings for the audiences (selling tickets) and two free showings for journalists and critics.

While only 15-30 percent of the seats were sold for other Asian movies, the rate was 80 percent for the first show and 100 percent for the second show. Most of the audiences were middle-aged foreigners.

Giovanna Fulvi, the festival’s film curator in Asia-Pacific, said that “Lost in Paradise” bravely describes difficulties of gays in Vietnam. “The film shows us uncommon aspects of the modern society in Vietnam and an uncommon story about the life of Vietnamese people,” she said.

Michael J. Werner, Chairman of Fortissimo, which distributes “Lost in Paradise” outside Vietnam, said that Vu Ngoc Dang is a factor of the new generation of movie directors in Vietnam, who is very sensitive in commerce and art vision.

“Lost in Paradise” was among 24 movies from many countries which were introduced in the “Discovery” program, part of the Toronto Film Festival.

Two leading actors in “Lost in Paradise”, Luong Manh Hai (right) and Ho Vinh Khoa.
According to the Toronto Film Festival’s organizing board, “Lost in Paradise” is considered as the first Vietnamese movie about homosexual love, with a positive and profound view.

In the movie, Khoi (Ho Vinh Khoa), 20, goes to HCM City to start his career. Being swindled and losing all of his money, Khoi met Lam (Luong Manh Hai) and felt into a homosexual love affair.

The film script was written by Luong Manh Hai and Vu Ngoc Dang.

“Lost in Paradise” will be launched at local cinemas from October 14, 2011.

The Vancouver Film Festival will be held from September 29 to October 14, while the Busan Film Festival will run from October 6 to 14.