Google in historic 'right to be forgotten' challenge
3/1/2018 5:00:00 PM (GMT+7)
 A businessman has taken Google to the High Court in London in what is being seen as a landmark case over "the right to be forgotten".

Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart announce new gun restrictions
3/1/2018 4:35:00 PM (GMT+7)
 Two major US retailers have announced new restrictions on gun sales following the shooting at a Florida school where 17 people died.

Women challenge Turkey traditions for right to work
3/1/2018 4:15:00 PM (GMT+7)
 The piping-hot tea washes down the Turkish classics: stuffed vine-leaves, cheese pie and bulgur salad.

How humans echolocate 'like bats'
3/1/2018 11:20:00 AM (GMT+7)
 A study has revealed secrets that help some blind people navigate their world by "seeing with sound".

Brazil's top court approves controversial forestry law
3/1/2018 4:01:08 PM (GMT+7)
 Brazil's supreme court has upheld major changes to laws protecting the Amazon rainforest, delivering a blow to environmentalists.

Disney 'celebrates' Black Panther by giving $1m to charity
2/28/2018 4:20:00 PM (GMT+7)
 Disney is celebrating the success of Black Panther by donating $1m (£718,000) to a national youth club.

Diesel ban approved for German cities to cut pollution
2/28/2018 2:47:00 PM (GMT+7)
 German cities will be allowed to ban older diesel vehicles from some areas following a landmark court ruling.

Sea swimming 'increases illness risk'
2/28/2018 4:10:00 PM (GMT+7)
 Swimming in the sea substantially increases the chance of developing stomach bugs, ear aches and other illnesses, researchers have found.

Post-Brexit farm payments to be used to help the environment
2/27/2018 4:41:00 PM (GMT+7)
 Up to £150m in support payments could be shifted from the richest farmers to environmental schemes after Brexit, under government plans.

Bollywood star Sridevi Kapoor 'drowned in hotel bath'
2/27/2018 3:51:30 PM (GMT+7)
 Superstar Bollywood actress Sridevi Kapoor died of accidental drowning, a Dubai post-mortem report has said.

Rupert Murdoch's Sky bid challenged by Comcast
2/27/2018 4:05:00 PM (GMT+7)
 US cable TV giant Comcast has made a £22.1bn takeover bid for Sky, challenging an existing offer from 21st Century Fox.

'Mini-tumours' created to battle cancer
2/26/2018 4:10:00 PM (GMT+7)
 Scientists have been able to predict how cancer patients will respond to therapy by growing miniature versions of their tumours in the laboratory.


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