Huntington’s breakthrough may stop disease
12/12/2017 1:54:00 PM (GMT+7)
 The defect that causes the neurodegenerative disease Huntington's has been corrected in patients for the first time, the BBC has learned.

Putin announces Russian troop withdrawal from Syria during visit
12/12/2017 10:12:44 AM (GMT+7)
 Russia has begun withdrawing some of its troops from Syria, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Monday.

UK snow: Ice warning as commuter disruption expected
12/12/2017 11:20:00 AM (GMT+7)
 Icy conditions are expected to cause further disruption to road and rail travel in parts of the UK, following another night of sub-zero temperatures.

German spy agency warns of Chinese LinkedIn espionage
12/11/2017 4:55:44 PM (GMT+7)
 China is using fake LinkedIn profiles to gather information on German officials and politicians, the German intelligence agency (BfV) has said.

Bitcoin futures trading begins on CBOE exchange in Chicago
12/11/2017 2:41:00 PM (GMT+7)
 Bitcoin has begun trading on a major exchange for the first time.It launched on the CBOE Futures Exchange in Chicago at 23:00 GMT Sunday, allowing investors to bet on whether Bitcoin prices will rise or fall.

Chinese boy, 13, 'decapitates mother and posts video'
12/11/2017 2:56:00 PM (GMT+7)
 A 13-year-old Chinese boy has been arrested for allegedly killing his mother and chopping off her head.

Global recall of Lactalis baby milk over salmonella fears
12/11/2017 3:20:00 PM (GMT+7)
 French baby milk formula maker Lactalis has ordered a global product recall over fears of salmonella contamination.

California's Thomas Fire scorches area larger than New York City
12/11/2017 2:18:00 PM (GMT+7)
 The most destructive wildfire raging in southern California has expanded significantly, scorching an area larger than New York City.

Millions 'stolen' in NiceHash Bitcoin heist
12/8/2017 2:45:00 PM (GMT+7)
 "Highly professional" hackers made off with around 4,700 Bitcoin from a leading mining service, a Bitcoin exchange has said.

DanTDM named richest YouTuber of 2017 after making £12.3m
12/8/2017 2:18:08 PM (GMT+7)
 DanTDM has been named the highest-earning YouTuber of 2017 - making £12.3m this year, according to Forbes magazine.

California wildfires: Nearly 200,000 flee amid new blaze
12/8/2017 1:48:56 PM (GMT+7)
 Nearly 200,000 residents have now been evacuated due to California wildfires as crews pivot to fight a new blaze.

Babies' brains damaged by pollution, Unicef says
12/8/2017 10:01:00 AM (GMT+7)
 Seventeen million babies under the age of one are breathing toxic air, putting their brain development at risk, the UN children's agency has warned.