Political System (Part 3)

III. The Vietnam Fatherland Front

The Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) is a voluntary political coalition of political organizations, socio-political organizations, social organizations and individuals from all classes, social strata, ethnic groups, and religions, including overseas Vietnamese.

The VFF’s objectives are to gather and build up a whole-people unity bloc, strengthen the people’s political and spiritual consensus, encourage the people to promote their mastership, to implement the CPV’s guidelines and policies, and to abide by the Constitution and laws.

The VFF is governed by the principles of democratic consensus, coordinated and united action.

The VFF has its own statute.

The system of the VFF’s organs is in accordance with that of the State’s administrative structure from the central to grass-root levels.

IV. Vietnam Labour Confederation

The Vietnam Labor Confederation is the socio-political organization of the working class and is a member of the VFF.

Article 2 of the Law on Labor Union stipulates that: “the labor unions “represent and protect laborers’ legitimate interests and rights, cooperate with the State in developing production, generating more jobs and improving laborers’ spiritual and material life.”

According to Article 5 Section II of the Law, the labor unions “cooperate with State organs in building laws and policies on labour, salary, labour safety and other social policies concerning the rights, duties and interests of workers.”

The Vietnam Labor Confederation is well-organised, has various levels and operates all over the country. The organisation is governed by the principle of democratic centralism. All its directing organs are formed through elections. The highest directing organ of each level is the Union Congress of that level. In the period between the two Congress sessions, the directing organ is the Standing Committee which is set up by the Congress.

The Vietnam Labor Confederation is structured in accordance with occupations and geographical areas.

V. Other social and political organizations

Apart from the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the Vietnam Labour Confederation, in Vietnam, there are other political and social organizations, such as the Vietnam Women’s Association, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth’s Union, the Vietnam Veterans’ Association, and professional associations. These organizations played an important role in the struggle for national salvation. In the cause of renovation, industrialization and modernization, they have continued to contribute to the implementation of the Party’s guidelines and the Government’s policies.