Traditional laterite building and architect in Hanoi's suburb

 Laterite, a highly compacted and cemented type of soil and rock, has long been used for construction and sculpture in Thach That district, just 30 km away from Hanoi.

A laterite mining site in Thach That 

Laterite can easily be cut into brick-shaped blocks for building.

In Vietnam, laterite is called “Da Ong” as its rough surface looks like beehives.

A man is carving a laterite block.

A man is making the wall of a laterite well in Dung Da workshop in Binh Yen commune.

A tool set for turning laterite into products

A laterite wal

A laterite house in Binh Yen

The Thai Binh Communal House was built with laterite.

A laterite animal sculpture

A house in Binh Yen commune made of laterite


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