Traditional cake festival in pictures

 Residents in Trinh Xa village, Yen Ninh commune, Yen Dinh district, Thanh Hoa central province flock to a spring festival to make traditoinal cakes to offer to their tutelary god.

Trays of Rang bua and Nhan cakes to be offered to the tutelary god of the village.

Each ​cake-making team has 10 members.

Rang bua cakes are made from cooked sticky rice flour.

The filling is wrapped with a piece of banana leave.

It takes skillful hands to roll the cake properly.

Each person in the team has a different task, including putting rice flour onto the leave, adding the meat filling on. Those who are skillful will do the rolling part.

Cakes are arranged vertically in the pot for boilng. 

The filling of the cake should be soft enough to make a circle.

Nhan cakes are made from flour of sticky rice and dry pomelo peel.

A tray of Nhan cakes

Carefully decorating the tray of Rang bua cakes.

An overview of the festival.

The festival reflects the wish for prosperity of farmers.


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