Saigon river slum life

Thousands of households are living in temporary and dilapidated houses near Saigon River in HCM City.

It is easy to see these people at the areas of Doi and Te canals in District 4, 7 and 8. They live in houses which are built from pieces of corrugated iron and cardboard boxes.

Most of the people in the slum are poor workers who come from other localities. They earn their living by different kinds of jobs in HCM City such as porters and lottery sellers.

More and more temporary houses are being set up along Doi and Te canals, encroaching on the water.

The tents are often flooded during the rainy reason.

High flood tides bring rubbish to the bank, causing a terrible odour for the slum residents.

According to the HCM City Construction Department, the city is now home to 20,000 people living in slums, mostly in District 4, 8 and Binh Thanh. By 2020, the city plans to entirely have removed slum dwellings by river banks or on rivers.





Tents along Doi and Te canals near Saigon River

A small and dilapidated tent for a five-member family 

Water supply pipes for these slums





Most of the slums are built from corrugated iron, wood and pieces of cardboard


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